Gerard Carey, Springfield Services    Merseyside   

Karra, thank you for your email, dated 16/04/15. This is exactly the type of information we are looking for. Please keep this type of thing coming our way. See you on the course 19-21 May.

Rob Lewis    Lincoln   
Author Picture

Around 8 months ago I had a crazy idea to start my own business and for some reason I chose carpet cleaning. Well thanks to this fantastic team and their support throughout including training, products and service. I can happily say I am building a successful little business with more plans for the future. Get started on the right foot and learn from the experts, it will save you time and money in the long term.

Matt Llewellyn    Milton Keynes   

Very good introduction and training for anyone starting out or already established. Comprehensive hand book and highly experienced trainers supported by excellent customer service – All aspects of the training day very useful from identification & survey through to various practical cleaning methods and systems.

Gabriel O’Doherty   

Fantastic day, learned so much, well worth the time and travelling. Paul was great, explained everything but more so as I am old school I learn from the practical side of things. We spent a lot of our time hands on, that did it for me. I’v researched this business for some time now, I’v looked at several machines and after today I now know I will have an Alltec machine. I would advise anyone looking to get into the carpet cleaning business to go on this course first.
Thanks Guys.

Peter, Kik Out Dirt Cleaning Services    Nairobi   

Your emails are a great resource for people like me who are venturing in the carpet cleaning business for the first time. They have helped me grow professionally by understanding how to prepare a business plan, steps involved in establishing a cleaning business from scratch, the types of machines to buy among others. This is particularly crucial when I get this information in Nairobi, many kilometers from the UK and for free. The emails are progressively helping me put up the business together and thereafter contribute to a healthy environment for people to live in while at the same time improve my life and that of my family through a business that I have a passion for. Please keep up the spirit. As we move on, I would very much appreciate it if you would share your professional advice on cleaning area rugs. There is a big potential for this type of business here in Kenya.
Stay well.

Ian Stewart    Northumberland   

Loved the 3 courses I attended, coming into the industry was a bit daunting, however all the staff and Paul were very knowledgeable and professional taking the time out throughout the sessions so we fully understood the process and techniques preventing possible errors when we set out on our own. Very informative courses!!

Ricky Martin    Leicester   
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I was invited to attend the FREE one day course when I met Karra at the carpet carnival. A truly amazing girl who really wants to help, she even helped me in finding a b& b and checked that everything was OK before my attendance.
The course was truly amazing very professional and covered a wide range of carpet cleaning . Paul Pearce was the teacher for the day and his knowledge and passion is outstanding, I have known Paul from a previous course I undertook and can honestly say Alltec picked the best guy in the business to do the days teaching. This shows the Alltec are extremely professional and will not cut corners. It has given me a really good insight on how my business should be and how to be the best. Their machines and products are really professional .
Thank you to all the team at Alltec and for the lovely refreshments and Lunch that they provided in the day and once again thank you to Paul.

Jason Gray    Brighton   

I just thought i’d give some feedback as you’re email and telephone support has been incredibly helpful.
Firstly, i’d like to say many of the emails have been of great help along with the supporting content, in particular the "start up package quotation" spread sheet. It really helped me develop my ideal about what is most important to include in my service and fine tune my budget. Truly invaluable.
Another piece of information you sent to me was the “A step-by-step guide to starting and running your own professional carpet cleaning business”. This helped in many areas, however the potential income and profits allowed me to better understand how i should price my service according to the value i wish to deliver.
I would just like to say thank you for the support and content you have already delivered, you’ve been a great help.

Steve Gerrish    Rickmansworth   
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I attended the above course with Paul at Alltec on the 27th... what a great day it was! Paul was helpful throughout the day giving plenty of tips and advice, demonstrations, and a good basic insight into the industry. He also answered all of the many questions thrown at him. A fantastic idea and well organised day by Alltec which also included a free lunch! Highly recommendable to all who are thinking about going or looking at getting into the industry! Thanks again

Modestas Navardauskas    Ipswich   

Had an absolutely fantastic experience from StartCarpetCleaning.
The courses are fantastic and pack a ton of information! Would recommend to anyone considering a carpet cleaning industry. Incredible tips and tricks alongside the live demos gave me a great overview of the carpet cleaning business. Helped me to create my own business, over at

Jacob Gourd    Stevenage   

Leaving your full time job and going self employed to start your own business is a daunting task. Fortunately I came across Alltec who have been a god send to me.

Their startup packaged and training take a lot of the anxiety out of what equipment you need when starting out. It allows you to focus on learning the trade and how to provide the best service possible to your customers.

With their help I started my own professional carpet cleaning businesss named Premier Carpet Cleaning (Anderson Close, Stevenage, SG2 0LW - 07734 191140).

Business has been far better than I expected and I really could not of done it without the support of Alltec and Chris & Kerry.

Samuel Lee   

The Start Carpet Cleaning emails have been invaluable really. A lot of very useful information and it certainly gave me a bit of direction when i wasn't sure what i needed to do next

Aaron Stanton    Northampton   
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Thank you for the hands on carpet cleaning training day that I attended on Monday 27th October. It was a very good day with lots of good info and gave me a chance to get some hands on experience.

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