What Happens Next?

Now you have decided that you want to start your own Carpet Cleaning Business, the first things you need to do are:

1. Decide what equipment you need!

Here you will need to consider the machines productivity! In other words the bigger and more powerful the machine is the quicker you can clean … therefore the more money you make per hour!

For example if you are only looking to clean one or two rooms at a time you don’t need to start with the Alltec Evolution, the Express machine will be sufficient for this! However, you shouldn’t start with the smallest if you intend to grow the business over the next year and head towards commercial carpet cleaning then the Express machine is more than capable. For an all-round machine we recommend the Advance 600, which is our most popular portable machine!

Cleaning Solutions
Generally carpet cleaning solutions (we find home-owners don’t like the word chemicals) are one of your lowest costs of running your business. For example it will cost you only between £0.40 and £1.20 to clean a low soiled lounge, hall, stairs and landing. You can most certainly clean a whole house for between £2- £5 and with a charge of £150 – £300 it’s cheap. The only time it will cost you more is if the carpet is stained … you must be prepared for these!

Also one of the best money makers of all is carpet and upholstery anti-stain protection like our PROmite protector …It will take you about 10 minutes to apply and you can easily double your profits! So offer protector on every job!

Now you have the machine and chemicals you will need your accessories to help you clean. You could start with the basic package … as it will allow you to clean carpets, but from our past experience in helping hundreds of people start their own business we’d recommend the ‘Standard’ package as your minimum start level if your on a very tight budget. The ‘professional’ package includes a high quality vacuum cleaner for pre-vacuuming and a turbo dryer to reduce drying times. And the ‘Expert’ contains one of the Rotovac Powerwand, OR Rotovac 360i which allow you to clean far quicker, allowing you to be more profitable, and will leave the carpets much cleaner and brighter … giving a higher customer satisfaction.

2. Receive some Training

Anyone can ‘hire’ a carpet cleaning machine and make a carpet look cleaner… but you need professional training to become a real ‘cleaning professional’. As part of our package we give everyone FREE BASIC TRAINING and INTERNATIONALLY APPROVED TRAINING!
The free basic training is done one-to-one, normally when you collect your machine and equipment for the first time. The one thing we can’t sell you is experience! Carpet cleaning is very easy if you follow a few simple rules we will show you…
• How your equipment works
• How to prepare it for work
• How to use it properly
• How to achieve full potential from your equipment
• How to keep it in tip-top operating condition
• How to help ensure that even a tricky assignment becomes a job well done.
We have a wide selection of training schools for you to choose from.

3. Start Marketing your new business

Marketing Materials
We have created for you some ready-to-use templates for you to customise with your own details.

These will help you market to new clients as well as keep existing customers return back to use your services.

This is one of the best tools in the industry, created by Allan Simmons.

Allan is passionate about Marketing and implements all the information he will share with you in his very successful Carpet Cleaning business.