Start up package examples

Here are 3 examples of start up packages that will give you what you need to start your carpet cleaning business.  From the basic package which will provide you will a compact machine, basic solutions and accessories allowing you to go out and start cleaning carpets straight away, to the expert package containing a full specification Evolution machine that will allow you also offer a hard floor cleaning service.

These packages are just an example of the different start up packages available.  It is possible to pick and choose items from each package to create a bespoke start up package tailored to your new carpet cleaning business!


Basic Start Up Package contains

The MachineExpress Start Up Package

  • The Express Carpet Cleaning Machine, complete with Floor Wand and 7.5m Hose


  • A hand tool for edging detail and areas that you can’t use your wand
  • An additional extension hose to allow you to clean further away from the machine
  • A safety respirator and cartridges, this is essential when working with any cleaning solutions
  • Pump up Sprayer for pre-spraying the carpets prior to cleaning and applying protector after the clean
  • Water Buckets, one for your clean water to fill up the machine and one for the dirty water after cleaning (You should never use the dirty bucket for filling up the machine)
  • Spotting Bone Spatula for carefully scraping solid objects off the fibres without causing any damage
  • Tamping Brushes for spot and stain removal
  • Brush for relaying the nap after cleaning (to remover your wand marks)
  • Tarpaulins to place under your equipment whilst it is in the customers home
  • Carpet sliders for placing under furniture, making it easier to move
  • Overshoes (blue booties) to prevent walking soils into the customers home
  • Furniture tabs and clocks for leaving under the furniture whilst the carpets are still wet to avoid dye transfer


  • A professional Spotting Kit, this should be taken to every job.  It contains many different spotting solutions in a small easy to carry box.
  • Pre-sprays and  extraction cleaners
  • Fabric Pre-wash for cleaning upholstery
  • An Anti Foaming product should be on your van for carpets that have been previously cleaned but not rinsed thoroughly and there is still solutions left in the carpets.
  • The same goes for an acidic rinse.  This should also be used if you are using a highly alkaline pre-spray or spotter.
  • A general stain remover that can tackle most common spots and spills
  • Odour Removal, one for in the tank to leave a fresh smell after the cleaning and one to use directly on a stain to remove the smell
  • Protector for applying to the carpet after cleaning



The Professional Start Up Package contains

The MachineAdvance Start Up Package

  • The Advance 600 Carpet Cleaning Machine, complete with Floor Wand and 7.5m Hose


  • All the items in the Basic Start Up Package plus…
  • An upholstery tool for cleaning fabrics with a hide away hose to avoid snagging the fabrics
  • An in-line sprayer for improved, even coverage of pre-sprays and protectors
  • A caution sign for your hoses and wet surfaces
  • A stair tool, to make cleaning stairs quicker and easier than using a hand tool
  • Washable white terry towels to be used when spotting
  • A dual upholstery brush for agitation when cleaning upholstery
  • Grandi Groom for agitating pre-sprays into soiled carpets
  • Corner guards to protect your customers walls against your hoses
  • pH strips to test the stains and solutions before cleaning
  • Sticky tabs, these are great, they work like coasters but they stick to the bottom of the furniture so that they don’t come away when the furniture is moved
  • Upholstery Bonnet Mitt, for light agitation on upholstery


  • All the items in the Basic Start Up Package plus…
  • Spotters with your details on to give to your customers, much more effective than a business card!
  • A larger size tub of extraction powder, this will become your staple cleaning product.
  • Leather cleaner and refinishing cream for cleaning and finishing Leather
  • Additional Spot & Stain removers for specific spills and stains


The Expert Start Up Package contains

The MachineEvolution Start Up Package

  • The Evolution Carpet Cleaning Machine, complete with Floor Wand and 7.5m Hose


  • Everything included in the Professional package plus…
  • The Rotovac 360i, make wanding much quicker and easier as well as providing greater agitation.
  • More specific brushes and tools for upholstery and carpet cleaning


  • Everything included in the professional package plus…
  • Upgrades on the sizes and quantities of some of the key solutions
  • Dry cleaning products for hand cleaning non wet cleanable fabrics