How many Carpet Cleaners are there in the UK?

It is hard to determine how many Carpet Cleaners there are in the UK at one time.  Plus you probably only really want to know how many carpet cleaners there are in your local area?

Try Searching for How many Carpet Cleaners in ‘my area’How Many Carpet Cleaners

If your trying to find out how much competition there is in your area, the first thing you will need to decide it what area’s you want to cover.  Find out the post codes for these area’s and then do some googling.  There are lots of different directories on the internet but the most recognised is still

If you live in a highly populated area (a large city like London) you will find that there is a lot more competition but also many more potential customers that in rural areas.

Is it important how many carpet cleaners there are near you?

If you are willing to put the effort into marketing your new business and offering a good service then you won’t need to worry about how many carpet cleaners there are targeting the same area as you.

Not every customer will choose a carpet cleaner by the lowest price and if they do, they probably won’t again!  If you promote a professional image and target the correct market you won’t end up surviving on working hard for low price jobs.

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