How to make the phone ring

How you are going to make the phone ring when you are first starting out in your new business is always a big concern with new start-up’s, in any new business!

Promoting your company to your potential clients can be done in a few ways:

  • On-line with a website and social media
    A well optimised website containing the right keywords linked to your social media sites such as a Facebook page will help get your company name out there to potential customers.  Encourage your customers to leave you reviews as this works as social proof, i.e. Mrs Smith who lives in the High Street knows Mrs Jones from Lower Street and can see that she has used your services and left you a five star rating, you will have gained her trust before even speaking to her!  Just make sure you put your phone number somewhere visible.
  • Flyers
    Door-to-door flyers are a fairly cheap way of advertising locally.  Once you have had your flyers printed you can either spend a few spare hours getting some exercise and popping leaflets through doors (plus maybe also getting the opportunity to talk to a few people.)  You could hire someone to deliver the flyers door-to-door, or contact your local paper or Royal Mail about delivering your flyers.  (You can download a flyer example below.)
  • Local magazine advertising
    Most towns and villages send a regular newsletter out to the local area which they allow you to advertise in, and most have social media pages too – great places to promote yourself.
  • Direct mail or email
    If you already have a client base you can market to these people to sell your service. (Just remember to check out GDPR regulations.)

What should you do when the phone rings?  Read our Phone Procedures post!  Also, there’s an industry specific flyer to help advertise your business, you can see an example here: Pink Flyer Example