About Us

Start Carpet Cleaning was set up by Alltec Network to provide support and advice to any one looking to start a new Carpet Cleaning Business.

About Alltec Network

Alltec opened its doors back in 1992 manufacturing carpet cleaning machines and solutions when the original founder had problems finding the right equipment and products for his own carpet cleaning business.

It is now a family run business, owned by Chris and Kerry Thomas.  Chris has had hands on experience running a carpet cleaning business many years ago but his passion for all things mechanical led him to building carpet cleaning machines!


Chris began working for as a Workshop Assistant in 1997 for Alltec Network, he progressed to Workshop Manager and earned himself a reputation as one of the best Carpet Cleaning Machine technicians in the country.  Chris now owns Alltec Network and has a keen hand in what is going on in the Workshop, you will often find him with his overalls on in the back of a van (rather than at his desk doing paperwork!).  Chris will be able to give you great advice on the best equipment to suit your needs.  Chris will also provide the basic training if you decide to purchase from us, he also available on the phone to answer any questions you may have about what products are the best choice for a particular job.


Kerry is Chris’ wife and partner in the business. Kerry’s excellent Customer Service skills have really benefited the company and brought a happier, friendlier atmosphere to the company.  Kerry will go out of her way to help you with any questions you may have and make sure you are happy and confident with whatever it is you need!


At Alltec we hand build our own hot water extraction portable carpet cleaning machines and blend our own cleaning and protection chemical solutions.  We have the widest range of accessories and run the most comprehensive training schools in the industry.

Our focus is clearly on supporting our clients in building systemised, profitable cleaning business.


You’re guaranteed production quality, reliability and responsive support when you choose Alltec Network’s machinery. A fact that has made us one of the recognised market leaders in portable machinery and truckmount installations here in the UK.