What Cleaning Solutions will you need?

Generally carpet cleaning solutions (we find home-owners don’t like the word chemicals) are one of your lowest costs of running your business.

On average it will cost you only between £0.40 and £1.20 to clean a low soiled lounge, hall, stairs and landing.  You can most certainly clean a whole house for between £2- £5 and with a charge of £150 – £300 that is a great profit.  The only time it will cost you more is if the carpet is stained and you must be prepared for these!

Also one of the best money makers of all is carpet and upholstery anti-stain protection.  It will take you about 10 minutes to apply and you can easily double your profits just by offering protector on every job!

Key Cleaning Solutions needed:

  • A self neutralising extraction product is your key cleaning solution, you will use this on every job to clean/rinse the carpet after you have pre-sprayed  the carpet and removed any stains.  If you have a low soiled carpet, this may be the only product you need to use.
  • Pre-sprays are used after pre-vacuuming and before you clean with the extraction machine.  You should carry a general pre-spray for everyday average soiled domestic carpets and also a more heavy duty pre-spray for greasy or heavy traffic lane areas that need more attention.
  • An Anti Foaming product should be on your van for carpets that have been previously cleaned but not rinsed thoroughly and there is still solutions left in the carpets.
  • The same goes for an acidic rinse.  This should also be used if you are using a highly alkaline pre-spray or spotter.
  • Spotting Solutions.  There are many different spotting solutions available for the many types of stains you will come across, it is a good idea to carry a general, first use spotter for some of the easier to remove spots and stains and a Spotting Kit which consists of lots of different spotting solutions.
  • Protectors – this is a great add on to your cleaning job for only an extra 10 minutes work.  Not only will you earn more money on that job but when you go back for your annual clean the carpets will hopefully be cleaner, making your job much easier!

As you progress in Carpet Cleaning you will find there are some products you can’t live without and some that you hardly ever take off the van but are still essential in certain situations.