What Cleaning Accessories will you need?

As well as the carpet cleaning machine and some cleaning solutions you will also need various accessories.  There are essential cleaning accessories that you will use every day and there are some cleaning accessories that you will hardly ever use but on some jobs you wouldn’t be able to do without!

Some of the essential cleaning accessories are:

  • Pre Vacuuming is a very important part of the Cleaning Process so you will need high quality Vacuum cleaning such as the Sebo BS36
  • A safety respirator should always be used when applying any cleaning solution, especially solvent based products.
  • Overshoes, sometime know as blue booties will make sure you are not walking dirt into the customers house and leaving a couple of pairs for the customer to wear until the carpet is dry will help avoid and new stains being created.
  • You will need protective items such a Furniture Tabs and Polystyrene Blocks to place under furniture to avoid dye transfer onto the damp carpets.

There is a great selection of cleaning accessories for your safety, to make the job easier and simply to make you look more professional and offer an outstanding service to your customers!