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Who are Start Carpet Cleaning?

Start Carpet Cleaning was created as a source of knowledge for anyone looking to start a carpet cleaning business. We offer free information, advice and training to any start-ups.


If you are interested in starting a carpet cleaning business or would like to add additional services to your existing business, we are happy to discuss your needs and advise you on what equipment you will need. If you would like a demonstration of any of the equipment you can come along to our office at a pre-arranged time where one of our team will show you how it works and let you try it for yourself!

1. Basic Training with equipment
Before you buy any equipment from us (or anyone else) you are welcome to have a phone consultation (or come to the office for a face-to-face meeting) where we can discuss the best options for you to set-up your business from day one!
If you decide to purchase your machine from us you’ll receive FREE hands-on training on how you use the equipment properly. This training is arranged at a time convenient to you – normally when you collect your machine and accessories – it will ensure that you are fully conversant and confident with using it.

2. Hands on Start Up day
This one-day Hands on day is similar to the Hands on Carpet Care school but it covers all the basics and allows adequate time to ask questions.
You will gain hands-on experience, be guided as you go, actually operate the equipment on solid materials and achieve impressive results for yourself.

3. Hands on training
Carpet, Upholstery, Spot & Stain Removal, Rugs, Leather, Stone Care
Covering a number of different practical subjects in one-day workshop formats that will help you gain the confidence in actually doing the job!
This amount of information would take the normal cleaner years to learn on their own you can discover the secrets within a week!

4. IICRC Training School
These schools are approved by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration).
The IICRC is an independent, non-profit certification body, that sets and promotes high standards and ethics; and to advance communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industry.
So with our Advanced Technical Schools you can sure that you’ll receive the best independent training in the world – and you’ll be able to apply for an internationally recognised certificate.

5. Alltec Annual Open Day
The Alltec Open Day is not only a great excuse to meet up with old friends but also to meet new cleaners and to find out what new developments there are within the industry.
There is equipment you can try yourself as well as demonstrations and technical seminars.

Hands on Carpet Care
This intensive one-day school has been designed to teach all levels of technicians the best way the clean and protect carpets correctly.
Ideal for anyone that is directly involved in cleaning from business start-ups, company employees to the owner operator professional cleaners.
The school starts with basic carpet construction and fibre identification. Moves on to cleaning chemistry, problem solving and looking at the five main cleaning methods:

  • Dry Foam
  • Dry Compound
  • Rotary Shampoo
  • Bonnet Mopping
  • Hot Water Extraction

All operators will be shown step-by-step the correct procedures from setting up the equipment to, the most effective cleaning techniques and how to finish the job.

Each delegate will be invited to use the equipment to help build their confidence.

Hands on Upholstery Care
An intensive one-day school planned to help all levels of technicians overcome the many problems that can occur in cleaning and protecting of modern upholstery fabrics.
One of the principal problems today is identification of was ‘safe’ and what’s not ‘safe’ to clean. You will be shown how to identify fabrics with conference and how to choose the appropriate cleaning method.
Moving on to cleaning chemistry, problem solving and looking at the main cleaning methods:

  • Dry Foam
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Hot Water Extraction

Advanced Spot & Stain Removal
This one-day course is designed to be a hands-on, in-depth learning experience on spot and stain removal. It includes definitions, the four steps of spot removal, four categories of soiling, methods of spot identification, spotting chemistry, spotting tools and equipment, and techniques.
The course takes account of special problems, specialised spot and stain removing procedures and what to do if the item has a protector coating.
This course is designed for any cleaning technician, particularly those in charge of troubleshooting and warranty/insurance work.
The course is complemented by a two hour hands-on spotting session where the student actually practices what he/she has learned. This class is valuable for professional cleaners and in-house maintenance personnel to help understand the most advanced spot and stain removal procedures.
Participants have to identify and develop removal procedures for a large number of spots and spills.
Bring working clothes or overalls with you, as you will be using spotting products.
Hands on Rug Care
This 2 day Hands on Rug Cleaning school includes live demonstrations of:

  • Pre-cleaning inspections
  • Colourfastness test
  • Dry soil removal procedures (beating)
  • Fringe cleaning
  • Drying methods
  • Urine decontamination
  • Submersion cleaning (portable rug washing pit)
  • Surface cleaning

Hands on Stone Care
You won’t find a better course – Anywhere!

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IICRC Complete Carpet Care
This is a two-day comprehensive carpet care course. The object of this school is help to educate by increasing your knowledge and understanding of both carpets and the carpet cleaning industry as a whole.
It is mostly a theory school … where you will be introduced to a number of different types of carpet and fibres and their different methods of construction. There will also be an in-depth look at the chemicals and correct cleaning techniques used to clean them.
Another area in which the school will help the cleaner is by giving them a greater understanding of maintenance programmes. It will describe the difference between commercial and domestic maintenance cleaning. This enables you to judge the frequency and type of cleaning, which is influenced by the carpet type, soil source type, traffic load and most importantly health considerations.
This course is a must for anyone involved in the residential or commercial carpet care and maintenance. It will give you the confidence to tackle all types of carpet cleaning jobs and deal with almost any problems that may arise.
The school includes:

  • Carpet construction and identification
  • Characteristics of carpet fibres
  • Carpet cleaning methods
  • Interim carpet maintenance
  • Carpet restoration procedures
  • Chemistry and cleaning
  • Spotting and damage repair
  • Cleaning stain resistant carpets
  • Carpet protectors and treatment
  • Health & Safety (COSHH)
  • Cleaning for health – IAQ

We will be using the latest in computer presentations on PowerPoint, DVD and video presentations via our LCD projector and 3 metre screen to bring the subject matter to life. Every effort will be made to provide as many practical demonstrations as possible with some hands-on training for the beginner and veteran technician … however this is a theory based school and the time in the classroom is the most important part.
This is a generic school, although run by the ALLTEC NETWORK we will look at and discuss all types of products, equipment and cleaning methods. You will not be sold product on the school.

IICRC Upholstery and Fabric Care
This two-day upholstery and fabric care school is a complete learning experience teaching all aspects of upholstery and fabric cleaning. It includes fibre identification and characterises, chemical and equipment requirements and specific cleaning procedures using all types of systems and methods. It helps you avoid problems and teaches you when to walk away.
It starts with the basic pre-inspection and testing procedures and explains safe techniques for problem fabrics.
It includes looking at new problem fabrics. This course is designed for any cleaning technician or maintenance person responsible for the care of upholstery and fabrics.
Special attention is given to safe dry cleaning procedures. Consideration is given to using existing equipment to clean upholstery and to tools which make it safer. Every effort will be made to allow for hands-on learning experience.
The school includes:

  • Know your fabrics
  • Identify the problem fabrics
  • Upholstery cleaning methods
  • Interim upholstery maintenance
  • Upholstery restoration procedures
  • Chemistry and cleaning
  • Spotting and damage repair
  • Fabric protectors and treatment
  • Health & Safety (COSHH)


We will be using the latest in computer presentations on PowerPoint, DVD and video presentations via our LCD projector and 3 metre screen to bring the subject matter to life. Every effort will be made to provide as many practical demonstrations as possible with some hands-on training for the beginner and veteran technician … however this is a theory based school and the time in the classroom is the most important part.
This is a generic school, although run by the ALLTEC NETWORK we will look at and discuss all types of products, equipment and cleaning methods. You will not be sold product on the school.

On the second day of the IICRC Schools you will have to option to take the IICRC exam. All additional fees for the school are payable directly to the IICRC. On passing the IICRC CCT exam you may apply for entry in the NCCA.

The Instructors

Paul Pearce
Paul is one of the best instructors in the world, he will teach you step-by-step from identifying which carpets, rugs and upholstery are safely wet cleanable to which machine/tool you should use for the job you’ll be doing. Plus what cleaning solutions are best in what situation and how to use them for the best results.

Paul is also current President, and has been the main instructor of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA – the foremost UK carpet cleaning association for over 25 years. As you can imagine Paul didn’t become the president of the top UK association and the worldwide certification body, and promote our industry in Japan, Australia, Dubai, America etc., without knowing what he was talking about!

Although Paul has a wealth of personal experience, knowledge, favoured methods and products, you can be assured that during NCCA and IICRC training schools, although hosted by Alltec, Paul will only give professional, impartial advice and use his industry approved training methods. However, if you undertake one of our more personal Hands on training schools, he will impart his wealth of personal wisdom and experience to teach you to become an expert operative, having become a master in his field of work, learning from his own mistakes, sheer hard work and years of experience running his own carpet & upholstery business!

Judy Bass
Judy Bass, LTT Leathercare is committed to ensuring that the LTT product range is selected and made from the best ingredients available and that correct and fully researched information is available to all customers.

10 years in an upholstery business and 3 years in the clothing industry prior to forming LTT together with work in customer care and management provided a good foundation for the business. She was also fortunate to work alongside the late Andy Alcock – one of the worlds leading experts on leather care and restoration – for 9 years and now brings all his knowledge and skills to her work. She is now well known for her consultancy work on worldwide forums as well as in the UK.

Mike Philbin
Mike is the stone care consultant to tile industry suppliers, tile importers, hotel groups and commercial property companies. Not forgetting the general public as a whole. He is Technical Director of Nu-Life Stone Care Ltd and the host of Stonecare TV.

With his unconventional and often bold commentary on all things stone, Mike has attracted a fast developing group of followers. In the name of “unearthing the truth”, Mike has convinced other stone industry specialist to “Come clean” and share thoughts on what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to buying, cleaning or caring for natural stone surfaces. He routinely gives the low down on the good and bad in the industry.

You’ll also find his web cast interrupted with rants about his beloved Manchester City Football Club, definitely not your typical Natural stone cleaning and care expert.

Mike’s roots in the floor restoration started as a teenager working with his dad (Brian Philbin) in his floor restoration business. Becoming frustrated as a cleaning technician, Mike began learning more about running a business and reading more about into the technicalities of the many 1000s of different types of flooring. Unwittingly, gaining the knowledge that would be the launch pad for his ground breaking ventures today.

“I probably crammed more information in the last 10 years than I would ever have imagined”. “My wife has now become a natural stone cleaning widow” and to further his knowledge, Mike sort information throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

By familiarising himself with the numerous types of flooring (in particular natural stone) Mike has been able to develop little known “secrets” for cleaning and restoring natural stone, that other people wouldn’t recognise.

With a wealth of knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, Mike has spent many evenings and weekends, re-branding the family business of floor care specialists by developing and manufacturing a unique range of natural stone cleaning and treatment products, many containing natural extracts, at the same time, establishing himself as a respected expert who regularly offers free advice to customers from around the UK.

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