Calculating Your Profit Potential

For calculating your profit potential you will need to know what your overhead are and how much you need to charge.  You can use Cash Flow Forecasting Spreadsheets to help calculate this, we have a template set up that yocalculating your profit potential at can enter your estimated figures in to not only calculate your potential profits but to see how much you should be charging.

Calculating You Profit Potential with Cash Flow Forecasting

We have put together a Cash Flow Forecast to show you potential profit for the first year.  The profit for your first year trading will potentially be less than subsequent years as you will not be paying out for your equipment.

Download the Cash Flow Forecast below by completing the form and complete the  highlighted areas to calculate your profit potential!

 Calculating You Profit Potential

Complete the form to receive a Profit potential calculation spreadsheet!


Have a look at our package example to help you with completing the Calculating Your Profit Potential Cash Flow Forecast.