Start Up Carpet Cleaning Training

Carpet Cleaning Training for all new Start Ups!

If you are thinking about starting a Carpet Cleaning business why not try our Hands on Training Day first?  You can book a place on our one-day hands-on carpet cleaning course – and if you make a purchase you will get every penny of your money back!Free Carpet Cleaning Training from

This one day hands on training school will show you the basics of Carpet Cleaning.  the basics include setting up your equipment, identifying the type of carpet and what to keep clear of!  You will also get a chance to use the equipment and ask questions.

We limit these days to 10 people so that everyone has a chance to try out all the equipment and have a go at carpet cleaning themselves.

Our instructor is Paul Pearce. Paul is very well recognised within the industry as being one of the most knowledgeable guys around and enjoys helping everyone!

If you are interested in attending one of our Introductory Hands on Carpet Care Schools please complete the form below and we will contact you with the next available date.


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Start Up Hands on Carpet Care School

FREE Carpet Cleaning Event


The Alltec Open Day is a free carpet cleaning event in Fowlmere, Hertfordshire.

It is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting a carpet cleaning business to meet lots of industry experts, see demonstrations of equipment and cleaning techniques as well as meeting many existing Carpet Cleaners who are always happy so share stories and tips!

The day will begin at 10am and finish at approx 4pm with demonstrations and a couple of seminars happening throughout the day including:

  • The Tile Master System demonstrations with Alex Rimmer & Martin Shelley
  • Rug Cleaning demonstrations with Paul Pearce
  • Marketing Seminar with Allan Simmons
  • Wood Sanding with Terry Guilford
  • Automotive Deep Cleaning with Russ Chadd
  • Leather Identification and Cleaning with Judy Bass

Plus more to be announced soon!

We will also be having a Hog Roast for lunch, this is also free (donations to our chosen charity).

To book your place please complete the form below.


Alltec Open Day Registration
To register for Alltec’s Open Day please complete the form below.  Include the names of all the attendee’s that you will be bringing with you as we need to know numbers for catering etc.

How to make the phone ring

How you are going to make the phone ring when you are first starting out in your new business is always a big concern with new start-up’s, in any new business!

Promoting your company to your potential clients can be done in a few ways:

  • On-line with a website and social media
    A well optomised website containing the right keywords linked to your Social Media sites such as a Facebook page will help get your company name out there to potential customers. Encourage your customers to leave you reviews as this works as social proof, i.e. Mrs Smith who lives in Green Road knows Mrs Jones from Blue Street and can see that she has used your services and left you a five star rating, you will have gained her trust before even speaking to her!  Just make sure you put your phone number somewhere visible.
  • Flyers
    Door-to-door flyers are a fairly cheap way of advertising locally.  Once you have had your flyers printed you can hire someone to deliver the flyers door-to-door or speak to Royal Mail about including your flyers with the post.  You can download a flyer example below.
  • Local magazine advertising
    Most towns and villages send a regular newsletter out to the local area which they allow you to advertise in.
  • Direct mail
    If you already have a client base you can market to these people to sell your service.

What should you do when the phone rings?  Read our Phone Procedures post!

Pink Flyer Example

Carpet Cleaning Open Day 2015

Carpet Cleaning Open Day 2015

The Carpet Cleaning Open Day is a great opportunity for anyone who is new to, or thinking about starting a Carpet Cleaning Business!  It is a FREE event and we will be having a Hog Roast.

Come along and meet lots of recognised figures within the industry and lots of Carpet Cleaners who have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Try out the equipment and see what other opportunities there are for you and your business.

What’s happening this year?

  • Rug Cleaning and Drying with Paul Pearce
  • Upholstery Cleaning demonstrations with Glyn Charnock
  • Spot & Stain removal demonstrations from Pawlo Woloszyn
  • Spinaclean will have Pressure Washing equipment for you to try out
  • Russ Chadd from ProSteam UK will be doing Car Valeting demonstrations
  • Leather Cleaning demonstrations with Judy Bass from LTT
  • Allan Simmons from GetBookedUp will be answering your questions and demonstrating his software
  • Bud Mott from Clean N Seal’s Hard Floor Restoration Network will be here to answer all your questions
  • Terry Guilford will be doing Wood Sanding demonstrations
  • Stone Care Cleaning and Restoration equipment and demonstrations from Nu-Life
  • Carpet Repair with John Thompson (and maybe some balloon animals)

And more to be announced!

You will have the opportunity to try out our equipment and speak to the staff and customers.

Make sure you register your place at the carpet cleaning open day so that we order a big enough Pig to feed everyone! Fill in the form on-line or call us on 01763 208222.

Open Day 2015 Registration
Please complete your details below and include the full names of all the attendee’s that you will be bringing with you. Thank you.
We need your names just for badges and to make sure there is a big enough Pig to feed everyone!  We will not pass your details on to any 3rd parties.

Looking to Learn to Carpet Clean?

Would you like to learn to Carpet Clean the professional way?Learn to Carpet Clean with

These guys have recently attended our Hands on Carpet Care day with Paul Pearce.

Paul is one of the best instructors in the world, he will teach you step-by-step from identifying which carpets are safely wet cleanable to which machine/tool you should use for the job you’ll be doing. Plus what cleaning solutions are best in what situation and how to use them for the best results.

Paul is the past President, and has been the main instructor of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA – the foremost UK carpet cleaning association for over 25 years. As you can imagine Paul didn’t become the president of the top UK association and the worldwide certification body, and promote our industry in Japan, Australia, Dubai, America etc., without knowing what he was talking about!

Although Paul has a wealth of personal experience, knowledge, favoured methods and products, you can be assured that during the hands on training, although hosted by Alltec, Paul will only give professional, impartial advice and use his industry approved training methods. Paul has become a master in his field of work from learning from his own mistakes, sheer hard work and years of experience running his own carpet & upholstery business!

Here is what a few of the Hands on Training Day attendee’s said about the school.

“I attended the above course with Paul at Alltec on the 27th… what a great day it was! Paul was helpful throughout the day giving plenty of tips and advice, demonstrations, and a good basic insight into the industry. He also answered all of the many questions thrown at him. A fantastic idea and well organised day by Alltec which also included a free lunch! Highly recommendable to all who are thinking about going or looking at getting into the industry! Thanks again” – Steve Gerrish, Rickmansworth

“Thank you for the hands on carpet cleaning training day that I attended on Monday 27th October. It was a very good day with lots of good info and gave me a chance to get some hands on experience.” – Aaron Stanton, Northampton

“I was invited to attend the FREE one day course when I met Karra at the carpet carnival. A truly amazing girl who really wants to help, she even helped me in finding a b&b and checked that everything was OK before my attendance.
The course was truly amazing very professional and covered a wide range of carpet cleaning . Paul Pearce was the teacher for the day and his knowledge and passion is outstanding, I have known Paul from a previous course I undertook and can honestly say Alltec picked the best guy in the business to do the days teaching. This shows the Alltec are extremely professional and will not cut corners. It has given me a really good insight on how my business should be and how to be the best. Their machines and products are really professional .
Thank you to all the team at Alltec and for the lovely refreshments and Lunch that they provided in the day and once again thank you to Paul.” – Ricky Martin, Leicester

How to be a Carpet Cleaner

Hands on Training on how to be a Carpet Cleaner with to be a Carpet Cleaner Training from

If you would like to find out how to be a carpet cleaner then we can help you!  Here at Start Carpet Cleaning we offer free hands on training days to anyone who is looking to become a carpet cleaner.  You will be taught the professional procedures that you need to know when you go to a customers home to clean their carpets.

This is a great starting point to show you some insights and help you decide if Carpet Cleaning is the right path for you.

The training day allows you to try out some equipment and get involved in practical demonstrations as shown on the right.  Paul Pearce is the instructor (the guy in the white shirt in the picture).  Paul is widely recognised within the industry as being one of the most knowledgeable (and nicest) instructors for Carpet Cleaning.  He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience which he uses as examples to make sure that you understand the processes that he is demonstrating.

All operators will be shown step-by-step how to become a carpet cleaner from the correct procedures when setting up the equipment to the must effective cleaning techniques and how to finish the job.  The last part of the school is all about protectors, Paul will explain what they are and how they work.

We have a maximum attendance of 10 people per school to ensure that each delegate will be invited to use the equipment and that all questions get answered. We encourage everyone to ask any questions to make sure they understand everything that is covered.

We will provide lunch and refreshments throughout the day, so all you need to organise is getting here!

If you interested on how to become a carpet cleaner, contact us to find out when our next hands on training day is.

How to be a Carpet Cleaner FREE Report

For more information on how to become a carpet cleaner, download the FREE Report by filling in the information on the quick and easy form on the top right of this page.

7 steps to choosing a carpet cleaning machine

Choosing a carpet cleaning machine from you are thinking about choosing a carpet cleaning machine for your new carpet cleaning business then there are some questions you should ask yourself to help you decide which machine is best for you!

You should first think about how you see your business in 2-5 years time and what your plans are.

If your new machine is looked after and maintained it will last you for many years, so choosing a carpet cleaning machine that is right for you not only now but also in a few years time, will save you the cost of upgrading a few years down the line as you Carpet Cleaning business grows.

Download our FREE Report ‘7 Steps to Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Machine’ by completing your details below.

The 7 step guide to choosing a carpet cleaning machine includes:

  1.  What services will you offer?
  2. Budget?
  3. What vehicle will you use?
  4. Who will use the machine?
  5. Maneuverability
  6. High Heat and Airflow
  7. Appearance

For more information and to read the full report, complete the form below

Download our
7 Steps to Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Machine
by completing this quick and easy form!
7 steps to choosing your carpet cleaning machine
7 Steps to Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Machine
Find out the 7 steps you need to take before you decide which portable carpet cleaning machine you are going to invest in.
We will also send you a guide on how to start your carpet cleaning business!

The equipment needed for Carpet Cleaning?

If you are thinking of starting a carpet cleaning business or adding it as an additional service to your current business then we can help you decide on the core equipment you will need.  To find out the equipment needed for Carpet Cleaning, there are a few things you need to first think about.

The main item of equipment you will need to start a carpet cleaning business is a good, reliable Machine.  There are many options out there for the different methods of cleaning however you will find the majority of professional cleaners us a Hot Water Extraction machine.

Here are some questions that you need to think about before you decide that the right machine is for your new Carpet Cleaning Business: Equipment needed for carpet cleaning

  • What services are you going to offer? Is it simply domestic carpet cleaning or will you be offering commercial cleaning? Will you be offering Hard Floor cleaning?
  • What vehicle will you be using? If you plan on starting out using your estate car, you will need to make sure that the machine will fit in the boot.
  • What is your budget? What other equipment do you need to purchase in this budget? Do you need everything straight away?

Hopefully these few question will help you narrow down the specification of the right machine for you.

Once you know roughly what machine suits your needs you can look at the style of the machine and what optional upgrade etc are available.

Many suppliers will be happy to set up a meeting with you and allow you to come along to their premises to try out some of the equipment. We offer training days free of charge to anyone looking to start carpet cleaning so that you can come along and get some hands on experience using the equipment and solutions. For more information complete the form on the right or call us on 01763 208222.

How To Choose A Company Name

How to choose a company name

Making sure you choose a company name is important and will be advantageous in your growth, but it is not essential and will not be the key reason for your success or failure. I’ll be very surprised if anyone chooses you because of your name or the way it is written.

For some the name is very important, but it won’t make or break you. Your customers will still need reminding who you are every month.

There are several points to try to remember when choosing your company trading name:

1. Try to use no more than seven letters in the core word. Look at all the big names like Harrods, Comet, Amazon, Tesco, Argos. Keep it short and simple.
2. No more than three syllables in the pronunciation of the core word. As with the above names keep it simple and avoid tongue twisters.
3. The name must look and sound right to be easily remembered by your customers. A short name will lend itself to graphic development.
4. It must fit the purpose of your enterprise and reflect the image that you wish to portray to your customers. ‘Billy’s Budget Cleaning Services’ hardly implies a quantity and professional service.
5. It should not be confused with other national or local companies and be legally acceptable. Check in local directories and contact Companies House, Swansea. You are not required to register your trade name, but if you feel it is a good name and you wish to protect it, you may do so – see Limited Companies.

There are, of course, exceptions to all rules. Marks & Spencer (13 letters, 4 syllables) normally referred to as M&S or Marks & Sparks.

Some people use their name or initials, or those of their family in their trade name. This is acceptable until ‘Bloggs Cleaning Services’ becomes ‘Joe C Bloggs Professional Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning Services’.

Others like to use their hometown or county such as ‘Cambridge Carpet Care’ or simply ‘Camb’s Cleaning’.

Should you still be stuck, look through as many directories as you can and under other trades to give you ideas.