Congratulations on taking the first step to finding out how YOU can start your own professional carpet and upholstery cleaning business!

The Benefits of starting your own Carpet Cleaning Business:

•    being able to work from home
•    no heavy overheads or commitments
•    a business that is easy to learn and requires no specialist prior knowledge
•    low start-up costs – from as little as £2,500
•    reaping the rewards for your own hard work, not lining the pockets of bosses!

Choosing the right machine

Here you will need to consider the machine’s productivity.  In other words the bigger and more powerful the machine is the quicker you can clean therefore the more money you make per hour!

For example if you are only looking to clean one or two rooms at a time then you don’t need to start with the Alltec Evolution, the Express machine will be sufficient for this.  However, you shouldn’t start with the smallest if you intend to grow the business quickly or head towards commercial carpet cleaning. For an all-round machine we recommend the Advance 600, which is our most popular portable machine.

Cleaning solutions

Generally carpet cleaning solutions (we find home-owners don’t like the word chemicals) are one of the lowest costs of running your business.  For example it will cost you only between £0.40 and £1.20 to clean a low soiled lounge, hall, stairs and landing.  You can most certainly clean a whole house for between £2- £5 and with a charge of £150 – £300.  The only time it will cost you more is if the carpet is stained, you must be prepared for these with some spot & stain removers.

Also one of the best money makers of all is carpet and upholstery anti-stain protection. It will take you about 10 minutes to apply and you can easily double your profits.  So offer protector on every job.

Essential Accessories

As well as a machine and cleaning solutions, you will need accessories to help you clean. You will need at least some accessories, we recommend our Standard package as a minimum requirement to ensure you have everything you need to do the job. However, if you really want to make your life easier then the Professional package does just that, it includes a high quality in-line sprayer for easy & quicker pre- spraying. The Expert package contains a comprehensive list of accessories plus the Rotovac 306i, which allows you to clean quicker and with less fatigue, and gives you the option of adding additional heads to upgrade the services you offer to include highly profitable Commercial Cleaning and Tile & Grout cleaning.


Training – we really, really recommend it!

Anyone can hire a carpet cleaning machine and have a go at making a carpet look clean (quite often finding it’s a bit of a nightmare!) but you need professional training if you want to do a good job and do it well. As part of our packages we include training; from basic hands-on courses to internationally approved courses followed by accredited exams. Basic equipment training is given when you collect your equipment. We then hold our NCCA and IICRC approved training schools throughout the year, so you can choose dates that suit you. Carpet cleaning is easy once you have learnt how to identify what you are cleaning and how to clean it safely. The one thing we can’t sell you is experience! After the hands-on training course you will be confident enough to start cleaning and gain some valuable experience. Adding further training will enable you to add on extras such as specialised spot & stain removal or leather cleaning.



It’s hard to know where to start and what is going to bring in cleaning jobs.  Let us help you with some tried and tested templates to help potential customers find you.

How can we help you start a carpet cleaning business?

Since Alltec Network first opened its doors almost 30 years ago we have helped many people to achieve success, independence and build a financially rewarding business.  We believe there are several reasons why we have been so successful in helping our customers:

1.    We insist on sourcing the best quality materials to make our carpet cleaning machines and cleaning solutions, they may not be the cheapest on the market but we believe quality pays for itself

2.    We have the best training schools, with the most knowledgeable instructors in the world to teach you how to use identify and clean safely.  Our training and technical help comes from our association with the independent industry leading bodies such as the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA),

2.    We always form a working partnership with our customers.  We are happy to invest our time, energy and experience into helping you set-up and create the perfect start for your new career.

We know it’s not easy when starting up a business so we will offer FREE ADVICE;  machinery, cleaning, chemical usage etc – even before you spend so much as a penny with us we will happily talk to you about your requirements and queries.  We will be there for you all through your setting-up process to ensure that your start up business succeeds and the advice lasts as long as you wish to make use of it.

Is carpet cleaning the right industry to invest your future in? Yes! The professional carpet cleaning industry is booming! Especially due to the recent financial climate, people are tending to clean and maintaining their furnishings, steering away from replacing expensive items such as carpets and sofas.

Complete Start Up Packages

We have packages for Portable Cleaning Machines, Solutions, Accessories, Training and Marketing designed with new start-ups in mind. Have a look at the packages we have to offer.

Follow our simple step-by-step guide to help you choose a machine, cleaning solutions, accessories and training package which best suits your new business, or call us and talk over your requirements, we will be more than happy to help.